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Cleo the neighbor

We had lived in our place for the last 4 years and got to know most of our neighbor pretty well. Next door was a single woman living now, when we moved in she was married but they got divorced about 2 years ago.
Our neighbors name was Cleo. she was in her 40s, blond, overweight, plump you could say. Huge chest and wide hips. She also had a clear presences when she walked into a room, loud is what some people would say. I kept my distance since she could be a bit rude and as a teenager with not too much confidence, it was hard to get in her crosshair.

I lived with my parents and a s****r. We often attended or held parties where the neighbors participated in. Cleo was always invited by my parents. They liked her sense of humor and after her divorce they were helping her a lot.
I had seen my dad checking Cleo out when she would be over in the summer. She mostly wore tiny dresses and showed a lot of skin. My friends said she wasn't showing skin, she was showing off her rolls. It was mean and I hope she did not hear any of these comments. I told my friends to not say things like that about our f****y friend. They laughed and said I was in love... Stupid k**s. I suspect it was her loud and obnoxious ways that made my friends kind of scared of her.

I had helped her in her garden many times since her divorce. She had a nice vegetable garden and a big lawn in the back. It was very secluded and private. Often when I was there, Cleo only had a bikini with a thin blouse over it. Her ass looked pretty good in the bikini bottoms, you would never think her ass cheeks would look that good if you saw her in her dresses. Dresses made her ass look ever wider and bigger, but in her bikini her ass looked firm and tight, yet big. I was always hoping that I would have a chance to check out her tits. They were really big, I mean really big. I often heard grown men talk about it during the parties. Jokes were often said who could last the longest titty fucking those monsters. I also think she enjoyed the attention from showing her cleavage.

Cleo had been dating some guy for about a month, when one Saturday night we heard someone being very upset and screaming outside our house. Dad and I went out to find out was going on. Cleo was telling her boyfriend to leave and not come back! She called him a fucking bastard and a whole lot of other names. My father went up to the guy and told him to leave. He said there was some of his stuff in her place and he would not leave until he got his stuff.
My mother came out and took Cleo into her house. My dad told the guy he would talk with Cleo to get his stuff. I stayed with the guy and did not say anything. He kept mumbling about the fucking bitch was wrong and he would teach her a lesson. I am a pretty good size teenager and was not afraid of this guy, so I told him to calm down and not issue threats like that. He stopped talking and waited for my dad to bring his stuff.
About 10 minutes later, my dad came out with a bag of his stuff. He looked it over and said it was all there. Then he left.
Dad and I walked into Cleo's house and found Cleo and my mother talking.
I realized that Cleo was a bit d***k and even if she had come down and was not as mad, she was still pretty upset. My mother did her best to get her to calm down completely. My father brought her another drink to see if that would help. She downed it in a couple of gulps.
I told them what they guy had said when he waited for his stuff. My mother insisted that Cleo would spend the night at our house. She even offered my bed!
What the fuck? I did not want her to sl**p in my bed.
Cleo said that there was no way that idiot would f***e her out of her house even for one night. She said she had an alarm. My mother pointed out that an alarm would not stop him, only warn her that he was breaking in.
My father said he could stay in her house if she wanted. Cleo looked at him and said he should be with his wife, but she would not mind if I stayed in the house with her. She looked at me and said that she had Internet and Netflix so I would not be bored. My parents agreed it would be good.
My mother did not ask me if I was fine with it, instead she told me to go home and get the overnight stuff. I figured it was no point of arguing so I went home and got my PJs, toilet stuff, and my laptop computer.
I was back in less then 10 minutes.
My father told us, Cleo and me, that if we notice anything different that we should call him or the police directly. Dad told me he had called the station and told them what had happened and they said they could come by during the night to check up on the area.

My parents left and we locked and alarmed the house.
Cleo showed me the upstairs, her bedroom with a big nice King size bed and a huge master bathroom. Then across the hallway, she showed me the guest room where I could stay. She said I was welcome to sl**p on the couch in front of the TV downstairs too.
I told her I would decide later.

Cleo and I went back downstairs. Cleo asked if I wanted something to drink. I said a coke would be fine, she answered that she meant a drink-drink. I reminded her that I was not 21 yet, so I was not allowed to drink. She laughed and said I was sure big enough to drink. She came in with two glasses filled with Margaritas. They were strong in alcohol. I was not used to drinking so it hit me before I even finished the huge glass.
Cleo and I watched some TV and talked. She was a very different person that the person I had seen her as in public. She was a very motherly figure and looked very relaxed.
I asked her if she minded if I asked why she kicked that guy out.

She laughed and said he was a bastard. He had a big cock, but nothing else to offer her. I blushed since I was not use to adults talking like that to me.
She told me that if I had a big cock, I should not let that take the place of my brain. Treat women nice and politely, then use my big cock in them and I would be loved and admired.

Cleo moved closers and joked with me. She teased me and said she wanted to check out my package. She was pretty d***k now after her own strong drink.
I kind of liked the attention and played along with her. She managed to lay on top of me and press me into the couch. She tickled me like teenagers do, k**s who does not dare to really touch each other instead they tickle and feel each other up. When we wrestled, she body rubbed against mine. It was the first time I had a real woman's body so close to me. Me, being a bit tipsy, got brave tickled and foundled her back. Soon my hands had brushed over her big tits several times and she did nothing to stop me. That excited me and my cock reacted too.
I had a good hard cock in my pants as we continued to wrestle. I felt her hand rub my cock on the outside of my pants. She was feeling me up after accidentally touch me in the first place.
She got quiet and rubbed my cock for real. Then she moved up and kissed me. As we kissed her hand opened my pants and pulled out my cock. My thoughts were all over the place and I could not believe that a woman was stroking my cock.
It felt so good. First time another person had touched my hard cock. Then without warning, I exploded!
I moaned No, No, and then the explosion happened. She looked down on my cock as she was still stroking it, my cock spewed out cum. She did not stop and kept stroking me until nothing else came out.
I laid back and covered my face. I was so upset that I did not last!

Cleo told me that that was unexpected. Then she asked if I had ever been with a girl. I admitted that I had never been touched before.
Cleo smiled, stood up, pulled me up, and then she lead me upstairs to her bedroom. She pulled off my clothes and told me to get on the bed.
Then she slowly stood at the end of the bed and stripped off her clothes. Her breast was huge, not saggy as I had expected, but huge and firm. She pulled her nipples and asked if I had played with tits before. I shook my head in a No.
Cleo climbed up on the bed and pushed me back. She sat on top of my chest and asked what I thought about her fat body? I told her exactly what I thought, that she was so fucking sexy and beautiful.
She told me to wait and tell me after she was done with me tonight!
She rubbed her big tits in my face and moved her hips over my tummy. I felt her wetness on my tummy as she kind of rubbed her clit against my hard tight tummy. I sucked her nipple when she presented it to me. I used both my hands on one breast and it was so huge that I still could not cover it with my hands. She moaned and told me to go easy on her breast, don't suck so hard, at least not to start with...
Cleo was touching my body, her hands touched me everywhere. It was a new sensation. I have never been touched like that. It was so erotic and felt so good. I returned the favor by exploring her body with my hands. She wiggled around over me and I felt how much cock touched something warm and wet. My head was pressing against her pussy. She looked me in my eyes and started to wiggle her hips so that my cock was massaging her. The all of a sudden, my cock found her opening and she moved downwards on my body and let me cock slide into her. She moaned that I had a big cock and that she loved this feeling.
I could not believe that I was finally fucking a beautiful woman. I moaned that I also loved this.....

Again, never had been with a woman, I fucking came again. I did not warn her, I simply just erupted in her pussy when she sat down deep on my cock and my head rubbed her cervix. It felt too good and I erupted.
Cleo moaned and stated - You are cuming again! And inside of me! Oh, so fucking hot to fuck this virgin cock and have you cum in me!
Then she started to cum!

We had one long wonderful night without any problems from the guy.

I got home to my parents in the morning, dead tired. I had not sl**p a single second, but I had fucked for hours.

My mother told me when I ate my breakfast, that she would suggest to Cleo that I stayed over for a week so that she could feel safe. Mom hope it was not too much trouble for me?
I told her I would love to help her feel safe!

As I was walking back to my room to get some sl**p, I heard my mother call Cleo and tell her that it was best if I stayed with her every night for at least a week.....
  • Görüntülenme: 487
  • Tarih : 2015-12-23 21:24:20


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