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A Reluctant Gang Bang


This story was stolen and posted here by a LIAR claiming it was theirs but I am the real author and they were just a cheap barely literate FAKE!!!

Hi all! I have been cross dressing and playing with men for many years now. One of My first experiences was being gang fucked by about 9 guys at an adult arcade. I was 18 at the time and it kind of traumatized me as it was pretty much a gang **** at an adult arcade. I was dressed up in a white flowered sundress panty hose and white strap on high heeled sandals all borrowed from my older s****r. I had my make up done up just right and looked great and being in the mid 80s I had long blonde hair that I styled like Farrah. I was dressed to kill and all keyed up being out dressed in public so I decided to go find a guy for some Sexual exploration. I decided to try the adult arcades out as I had read a few stories of what goes on there.

I had gone into a booth and was watching a movie the booth seemed rather large compared to other arcades I had been to before as a guy. A good looking guy came in and pulled out a tasty looking 7 inch cock and held it up to my face. I ran my tongue around my lips getting them good and wet then wrapped my lips around the head tonguing the pee hole then shut my eyes and started easing down the shaft towards his balls. Just as I started getting into a good rhythm sucking him, the next thing I know there were several cocks surrounding me. I tried to protest but they didn't care and a couple just laughed as they pulled me off my chair and folded it up against the wall forcing me down on my knees and surrounding me in what now seemed to be a much smaller booth. They f***ed me to suck and jack them off to get them all hard making me crawl around on my knees from cock to cock.

Then the first guy I had sucked got down behind me and stuck his tongue against my puckered rose bud and ran it all over around and into my anus. It was the most incredible feeling and I stopped sucking cock and reveled in this new delight. I closed my eyes and arched my back and let out a huge gratifying moan still holding onto 2 nice cocks. I heard some one say "block one nostril and inhale deeply through your nose" as I opened my eyes to see a little brown bottle right in front of my nose. I figured what the hell and let go of the cock in my left hand pushed on my nose and inhaled for all I was worth. "Now do the other side I heard" so I switched hands regaining a grip on that nice cock again and inhaled deeply once more.

The most incredible euphoria rushed through my head and body just as I felt a large cock rubbing my anus pop inside and slam all the way to the balls in one quick motion. I started to scream out in pain but as my mouth opened a sizeable and long cock slid in and f***ed its way down my throat blocking the scream. The pain pleasure and euphoria mingling in my mind as the cocks started assaulting my now stretched holes. The guy held the bottle to my nose again and I inhaled deeply and started jerking the cocks in my hands as the cocks slide into my mouth and ass spit roasting me on pleasure poles.

Another wave of euphoria washed over me and I realized at that moment. I was born to please men's cocks! I had always loved sucking cock and really loved getting fucked by a nice cock but now I realized being a gang bang bitch was my true calling in life! This is my new nirvana! I attacked the cock in my mouth sucking up and down with renewed passion and was rewarded with several thick streams of cum into my mouth that I swirled around when the cock was removed then swallowed it down. The brown bottle appeared again and I inhaled deeply again several times. I felt the guy behind me slam into my ass hard and stop all the way in as he pumped stream after stream of hot fresh cum deep inside my bowels.


The place erupted into hoots hollers and whistling as the two cocks in my hands moved around and slammed into my mouth and ass and my hands were wrapped around two more hard cocks. The guy in my ass grabbed my hips and started pounding me like there was no tomorrow and several guys started spanking my ass nice and hard! A couple new cocks came into view and rubbed against my cheeks and one shot a nice load across my cheek nose and mouth as I bobbed vigorously up and down on the hard piece of meat in my mouth. Cum dripped off my upper lip onto the cock in my mouth giving it a salty flavor and a bit more lube causing me to moan deeply from the taste of more fresh cum. somebody couldn't hold out any longer and let a load fly across the back of my sundress and onto my ass. This caused the guy in my mouth to pull back tense up and fill my mouth full of my new found ambrosia. I swirled it around and swallowed as another load shot across my forehead and face!

Once again the little brown bottle appeared and I inhaled deeply several more times. Another cock slid into my mouth and I began sucking wildly, my tongue running across the hard yet soft fleshy under side on this new assailant of my tonsils.

The guy in my ass pulled out and shot stream after stream of hot cum all over my ass and spanked it into my now red glowing cheeks! I heard a couple OOHHS and AAHHS and pulled my mouth off its cock to look back. Standing behind me was a very tall pitch black skinned man fully naked with what looked like a small tree trunk jutting out from his groin! It was easily 12 inches long and as thick as a beer can with thick veins all over it! I could see them pulsing filling it with hot bl**d as he smiled a white toothy grin steadily moving towards my asshole.

The head was about the size of a tennis ball and wedged between my ass cheeks as he thrust hard at my ass which refused to allow it access. A couple more guys lost it and shot their loads on my ass and back. A large black hand scooped the cum off my ass and rubbed it onto my hole working a couple long thick fingers inside me. The guy I had been sucking worked around to my side and smacked me in the face with his cock several times getting me to open my mouth and return to sucking his well shaped cock. I watched this Nubian Adonis work his cum coated fingers into my ass stretching it wide for his tree trunk of a cock.

Two more guys stepped up and shot their loads on his hand and my ass crack giving him more lube to prep my now gapping hole as he worked four fingers in and out of my anus. His hand moved half way into my ass and formed into a cup shape as he eased his tennis ball sized head up to my hole his fingers stretching it around the head of his trunk as it slipped inside.

"HOLLY FUCKING SHIT"! I SCREAMED onto the cock in my mouth as his monster pried into my canal, pain shooting through me causing me to scream more and making the cock shoot at least a quart of ambrosia into my mouth gagging me and forcing me to swallow several times to keep it from spilling out onto my cheeks as he pulled from my vice like lip lock on his cock head.

"YOUR FUCKING COCK IS RIPPING ME IN HALF" I scream and three guy move forward hands stroking furiously on their shafts as they aim at my open mouth and release their ambrosia pumps across my face mouth and tongue! That monster black cock pumped into me for an eternity as guy after guy pumped into my mouth shot his load and left. My black Adonis just kept steadily pumping into my ass a little deeper each stroke until he made his way balls deep into my gaping ass.

By this time I was pretty wore out so they pulled the chair out and laid me across the seat and continued to use my mouth and shoot their cum across my face ass and body. The black Adonis continued slamming that tree trunk in my ass till no one else was left. Then He pulled out of my ass and went over and closed and locked the door. He grabbed a handkerchief and wiped the cum off my face then picked me up like a rag doll and told me to wrap my arms around his neck as he lowered me down onto his trunk of a cock. I used all the strength I had left to hold on as he bounced me up and down on that monster cock. Then He pulled me in tight and close and kissed me. Gently at first then more passionately until we were in a deep wet French kiss. He held me tight French kissing me and bouncing me on his huge cock for quiet a while total ecstasy permeating my limp body as our tongues danced in my mouth.

Finally he sat down on the chair still holding me close and French kissing me before he grabbed my hips and bounced me vigorously up and down the full length of his 12 inch cock. Faster and faster he pumped my tranny rag doll body up and down his trunk like cock. Using my gaping ass to jack his cock off inside me as I struggled to hold on and continue kissing him. My legs were flying around wildly as he yanked me up and down his cock.

He slammed me down to the hilt on that monster and half yelled half moaned into my mouth as His cock swelled up and twitched inside my ass filling me deeply with his cock as it erupted white hot sperm deep inside me, spasm after spasm filling my inner being with lustful bliss as his cock filled my bowels with his baby juice, still kissing me fervently with his tongue till his cock stopped cumming inside me. He held me tight to him for an eternity locked in our passionate embrace. He pulled me off his cock and away from our kiss, stood up turned around and sat me gently on the chair. His cock was still semi hard as he held it to my mouth and had me lick the last of his cum off the tennis ball head, it was the best tasting cum I had ever had just slightly salty and creamy True ambrosia to my tongue and mouth.

"My name is Gregory and YOU ARE MY BITCH NOW!" he said speaking for the first time. He went over and started dressing in a very nice suit folded neatly sitting on his shoes in the corner. When he was fully dressed he pulled a small gold case out of his inner pocket. Taking out a business card he turned it over and wrote his cell phone number on the back.

What's your name bitch?"

"Tonya Sir"

"Well Tonya You are going to call me this Saturday and set up a time for Your next session on my cock! Do YOU understand BITCH!!!

"Yes SIR"

"Tonya You are the hottest little cunt I have had my cock in for years! Play YOUR cards right and I will keep YOU on all the big hard black cocks you can handle!" He said opening the door and stepping into the hall.


I managed to crawl over and lock the door before I collapsed onto the cum soaked floor and passed out exhausted. I was awoken a while later by a pounding on the door.

"Hey FUCK SLUT are you still alive in there!

"Yea I just need a little rest I yelled back"

"You been sl**ping for an hour an a half WHORE!" I laid there for a few more minutes not sure whether to cry or laugh out loud as I relived the last couple hours in my mind for a while before I got up and went home. I don't really know for sure how many guys I had that night as I was filled with cock the whole time and guys were Cumming and going the whole time.

I found that afterwards I was changed forever. My hetero side was still the same happy with sex with just one lady and satisfied by that. My bi or girl side was trans formed into a total slut that craved gang bangs and strive for more and more cocks each time I was out dressed. I was lucky to find a local adult cinema (like a three theater mall cinema) which helped me through My cravings. I go there fairly often and get gang fucked on a regular basis. I still enjoy being with one guy but I am only truly satiated after being gang fucked by as many guys as I can get My hands mouth and ass on in a night.

I went home and slept for two days before I woke up. I could barely walk as I made my way to the bathroom to get cleaned up. The first thing I did was to call Gregory and meet up with him and a few of his friends for a short time, but he was transferred in his company and moved away.

But that is another story for another time!
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  • Tarih : 2015-12-23 21:24:19


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