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Flirting Then Fucked in My Own Car

I was out for dinner with a coworker and my former employer, who little did I know, had arranged for her friend Eric to first flirt with and then seduce me with his good looks and seductive charm.
When dinner was finished and my companions had left the restaurant, I was approached by Eric as I was leaving and asked me if I would like to be accompanied to my car, to which I responded that would be very nice of him to do. When at the car, Eric leaned me against the side door and asked if it would be alright to join me inside for some friendly conversation to which I consented and we both got into the front seat. No sooner had I closed my door then Eric was on me, stroking my breasts and kissing my neck. My hands then glided up his sides and in one tactful movement his shirt was unbuttoned, exposing his muscular chest. He responded to this as I had hoped, by depriving me of my top buttons as well, his lips now attacking the space between my cleavage as my hands explored his muscles. Eric slid his hands over my skin and around my back, and I lifted myself to help as he removed my bra, exposing my breasts and large hard nipples. 'God, please touch me,' I said, my eyes suddenly closed in pleasure. He attacked my left breast with his mouth, sucking and licking while his hands explored my smooth perfect skin. I started to squirm under him, lost in the feel of his lips on me as they moved to my right breast, biting a little and driving me to new heights of excitement. Panting, and my heart racing, I kicked off my shoes and started desperately tugging at his pants, trying to undo his belt and access his cock. Feeling me do this, Eric unzipped his pants for easier access. 'You're huge,' I gasped as he leaned into me and my hands grabbed his nine inch cock, stroking it as he kissed me and rubbed me through my panties. I spread my legs wider as I felt him lift my skirt, then continue to rub, teasing me, not fully undressing me just yet, as much as I wanted him to. When he finally slid my panties over and began to finger me, I shuddered in excitement. I hadn't felt so aroused in years and couldn't believe this was happening, that I was letting it, and wanting it to happen. I was slightly surprised when instead of moving back up to me, Eric got out of the front seat and into the back, asking me to join him as I kicked off my shoes onto the front floor.

He positioned himself in the middle of the backseat and tenderly, grasping my hands, guided me onto his lap and 9" member. I dutifully slipped out of my panties and gasped as Eric slid me onto and down his enormous cock, finding my clit easily and causing me to cum quickly. My hips pushed my legs up and down vociferously as I cried out and felt my body give in to him, and I heard and felt him groan as I dripped my love juices all over his crotch. Eric slid me up and off his cock intimating that he wanted oral as I, kissing his leg on the way down, got on my knees on the floor of the backseat and began to slide my mouth up and down his well moistened shaft, sending shivers of ecstasy up his spine. I sucked harder, giving myself to him completely and allowing his penis to mouth fuck me through my glistening lips. Eric then leaned to his side signaling me to get off my knees and lie flat on the backseat, where he then began pushing the entire length of his shaft into me. I was wet; wet enough to allow his penetration with ease, and I let out a deep moan as he took me. I wrapped my strong legs around him and hooked my feet over his shoulders, I wasn't going to let him go, I needed this so badly. He pumped, still holding my breasts and kissing my lips lovingly as I pushed my hips up slightly to meet his thrusts as he moved inside of me. I felt like such a woman tonight, Eric made me feel so sensual, so sexy, and for this I wanted him to have me, and right now all thoughts of my husband went out the window as this man, who was a total stranger, probed the very depths of my womanhood with a tender touch that made it clear that he would have me even if I resisted. Eric's lips attacked my neck and for a moment there was the fear he would leave a visible mark, but I nervously let this slide and it wasn't long before he moved onto more tasty delights such as my breasts and nipples. The soft hands that I possessed moved over his back and sides and I felt him quiver, still a little nervous as he had not been with many women my age before and never one as sexually attractive as he found me.

Swelling testicles pressed against my pussy with every deep thrust this man gave and I couldn't help but moan, a long drawn out sound that turned Eric on more as he started to quicken his pace. My body gave in and I started to cum, contracting around the man's cock and sending ripples of pleasure over my entire body. Eric's breathing became more intense and for a moment I thought he would join me in ecstasy, but instead he stopped pumping for a moment. 'Are you ok?' I gasped, my words little more than segmented syllables between breaths. 'God yes,' he responded before kissing me with intensity. I reciprocated and we were all over each other, his hips moving again and my body yearned for every inch of my flesh to be touching him. My hands moved over him, my legs caressed his skin, my hips desperately pushed up towards him and my breathing was lost to irregularity. My wetness after my orgasms were now creating a noticeable patch on the seat, not to mention Eric's penis and testicles were drenched in my juices, and I could tell he was now working up a sweat. He was close, but something was holding him back, so in my sexual haze I used my legs and hips to help him fuck me, and reached between his legs to massage his testicles as I kissed him, my tongue exploring his mouth. Eric's pace started to quicken and his grunting was driving me wild; at this rate I would reach orgasm before him. Orgasm I did, hard, locking my legs around him and letting myself scream out as she came, and in that instant, the contractions I was producing proved too much for the man, and with a final deep thrust started to ejaculate a powerful series of pulsations that sent waves of cum into my pussy and onto my body. We stared into each others eyes as we came together, Eric pulsating inside of me and my body accepting his cum with pleasure. It was some time before we parted and at the realization of the time, gathered our clothing and headed home, filled with the buzz of what had just transpired.
  • Görüntülenme: 442
  • Tarih : 2015-12-23 21:24:19


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