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Araç & Gereç


Detention pt 2

Susie Johnson had a sip of her chilled white wine as she
got ready for a night out with a couple of her friends.
She'd finished her makeup and had chosen her sexiest
black underwear with black hold up stockings. She had
decided to wear her favourite little black dress. She
remembered the last time she wore it. She would never
forget the day when she was ravished by her son's
headmaster and the school secretary. She was also f***ed
to fuck her own son which thought sent a shiver down her
spine and a tingle to her pussy.

They'd both agreed to forget it ever happened and to put
it behind them. What they didn't know was that they both
secretly masturbated at the thought of it late at night
in bed.

Susie walked down stairs to find Toby lying on the sofa
in his pajamas watching the television. 'How do I look,
darling,' she asked.

Toby was taken aback. The last time he'd seen her in
that dress was when she'd walked into the headmaster's
study and he'd been naked and tied to a chair while a
fully clothed Mrs. Smith, the school secretary, slowly
stroked his cock.

' look great,' he said with a tinge of jealousy in
his voice. He knew she would be out on the pull and more
than likely end up with some bloke. He banished those
thoughts quickly.

'Okay,' she said as she grabbed her purse. 'Don't wait
up for me.' Toby heard the door slam and turned back to
watch the television.

It was nearly midnight when Toby decided to go to bed.

Susie by then was in a club with her mates. She was
getting annoyed at all the creeps that tried to feel her
up on the dance floor. She was horny and looking for the
right guy to go home with but she was getting more
frustrated as the night went on.

Suddenly she had an idea and after shouting goodnight to
her friends over the load music she jumped on a taxi and
went home.

Sitting in the taxi she wondered if what she was about
to do was a good idea but she was just on the right side
of d***k and convinced herself it was.

Once in the house she tiptoed up to the bathroom and
took off her dress. She used some mouthwash and combed
her blonde hair, took a deep breath and headed to Toby's

Toby was sat up in bed reading when his mother walked
in. 'M..Mum, what are you...' His voice broke off as he
realised that his mother was wearing only her black silk
bra, silk panties with black hold up stockings and high

'Shush darling,' she said as she crawled up onto bed and
took the magazine he'd been reading from him and threw
it on the floor. She laid down beside him and stroked
his hair. 'I missed my little boy,' she said. Toby could
feel that his cock was very hard and it didn't go
unnoticed by his mother.

'Oh, have you missed me?' she d***kenly giggled grasping
his cock through the bed sheets. Toby just groaned. She
slipped her hand under the sheets and down the front of
his pajama bottoms. 'Oh Toby,' she groaned.

She reached behind and undid her bra and threw it on the
floor. Taking Toby by the head she pulled him to her so
he could suckle on her erect nipple. She went back to
stroking his cock.

'M..Mum,' gasped Toby as he felt himself about to
explode. His mother pulled him back to her breasts and
wanked her son ever faster. Toby groaned onto her nipple
as Susie felt him cum over her fingers. 'Good boy, now
we'll have to get you out of those sticky shorts.'

She pulled back the bed covers and stripped him before
pushing him back down and licking the remaining cum off
her fingers and his cock. Susie spent a lot of time
licking his cock which was beginning to resurrect.
Taking his hardening cock she opened her mouth and began
to gently suck him until he was at full mast again. Toby
just laid back and enjoyed what she was doing to him.
Susie took her son's cock out of her mouth and peeled
down her panties where they joined her other underwear
on the floor.

Susie then straddled her son and looked at him deep in
his eyes. 'I really need this son. I'm sorry,' she said
as she plunged down onto his hard prick until it was
fully embedded in her dripping wet pussy. She slowly
fucked him at first before speeding up and fucking him
with careless abandon.
Soon Toby was fucking her back. She bent down to kiss
him full on the mouth, her tongue seeking out his as
Tony played with his mother's nipples.

Susie screamed in ecstasy as she came on her son's cock
but kept fucking him hard. She could feel another orgasm
building just as Toby began to pant and she could feel
his cock expand inside of her pussy. 'Mummeee,' he
groaned as his cock spewed out his cum coating his
mothers walls which pushed her over the edge causing her
to have an even stronger orgasm.

They laid there in silence until Susie said, 'Oh God
Toby. I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that.' She started
to sob gently and Toby put his arms around her and told
her it was alright and that he wanted it as much as she

Susie kissed him gently on the lips and walked back to
her own bedroom.

Headmaster Adam Jones was in a foul mood when he arrived
at school on Monday morning. Cheryl Smith the school
secretary hadn't been able to pay him a visit at his
home on Sunday afternoon as planned as her husband
hadn't been well and she couldn't leave him. Adam was
frustrated and horny.

'Stay behind after school would you?' he barked at Mrs.
Smith who very politely agreed.

Once they were sure everyone had left the school Mrs.
Smith knocked on the door to the headmaster's study and
walked in.

'You were a very naughty girl for not turning up
yesterday.' he said. Before Mrs. Smith could answer he
dragged he over to his desk and pushed her face down
over it causing her to scream in shock.

He slid her tight pencil skirt over her hips and
marvelled at the sight of her buttocks framed by a black
silk suspender belt holding up dark grey stockings. He
took hold of her silky black panties and peeled them
down her legs where he made her step out of them.

Mrs. Atkinson felt him rubbing her bottom and was quite
looking forward to getting a hand spanking from him when
he brought down a leather strap he had in his other hand
hard on her naked buttocks.

'Maybe you'll think better next time when you cancel our
Sunday afternoons,' he said as he rained another slap

Mrs. Smith was groaning in pain and pleasure as her
pussy gushed with her juices.

'Next time you'll do as you are told,' panted the
headmaster as the next two blows fell.

By the time she had suffered all six strokes she heard
the headmaster fumbling with his belt and the sound of
his zipper being lowered. As his trousers hit the floor
he slid home his very hard cock into her very wet pussy
and fucked her hard and fast until they both exploded

Once they had kissed and made up she told him that the
strap-on cock she had ordered had arrived at the weekend
and asked if they could try it out on Toby Johnson as
they had discussed.

'When do you suggest?' he asked. 'How about Wednesday
after school.' she replied.

'Sorry, can't do any night this week I'm at a series of
headmaster conferences,' he stated. 'Doesn't stop you
from having fun with him does it? You can tell me all
about it when you come over on Sunday.'

Cheryl smiled at the thought.

After school on Wednesday Toby knocked on the door to
the headmaster's study and was surprised to find only
Mrs. Smith there when he was shown in.

'Err, y-you wanted to see me, Miss?' he asked. 'Yes I
do,' said Mrs. Smith as she brushed past him and locked
the door.

A nervous Toby waited to see what was going to happen.
Mrs. Smith walked up to him and started to undress him.
'Wh-what are you doing Miss?'
'Shush little boy, surely you know by now!' was all she
said until he was totally naked. 'I want you to lie
across the desk and hold on to the edge. Don't let go or
you will be in big trouble.' she ordered.

Once Toby was in place she started to caress his bottom,
seeking out his little hole. Toby shuddered as her
fingers trailed down it.

She took a dollop of gel and using her middle finger
slid it deep inside of him causing him to moan loudly.
She did the same with two fingers and by the time she
had three fingers inside him stretching his hole he was
practically hyperventilating.

Mrs. Smith then stepped back and pulled up her tight
skirt. When the black eight inch strap-on she was
wearing came into view Toby gasped. 'Don't even think of
letting go of that desk,' she said menacingly.

She coated the fake cock with more gel and pushed it
against the young boy's hole.

'No Miss, please Miss, not that,' he begged. With one
push about an inch of cock slid into him. Slowly she
kept up the pressure until the whole cock was buried to
the hilt. Gently she started to fuck him, the end of the
strap-on rubbing on her clitoris. Toby groaned as it
slid in and out of him, rubbing hard on his prostate.

Mrs. Smith quickened up her movement as she fucked the
boy harder and harder. Toby was squealing as he was
being fucked and Mrs. Smith was moaning loudly.

With one hand she reached under him and was surprised to
find his cock was hard and throbbing. The little slut
likes being fucked in the arse she thought. This gave
her an idea.

She peeled back his foreskin and used her gelled hand to
stroke the crown of his cock making him groan as the
fake cock pounded into him.

She was nearing her orgasm as she wanked him harder
until she could feel his cock expand in her hand and she
knew he was about to cum.

With one last hard push she impaled her cock deep into
his arse as she shuddered to her orgasm and she heard
him shriek then explode in her hand.

The following Sunday afternoon as she lay beside the
headmaster after an hour of rigorous fucking and
recounted to him what had happened the previous
Wednesday with Toby she told him what her idea was. Adam
just smiled and nodded.

On Friday Susie Johnson was surprised to receive a
telephone call from the headmaster inviting her and her
son to his house for afternoon tea on Sunday. She
gracefully accepted and told him she looked forward to
it. As she put the phone down she got a familiar tingle
in her pussy as she guessed it wouldn't just be tea and

Susie Johnson anxiously rang the bell of a tall imposing
townhouse, her hand gripped tight by Toby's. The door
opened and the headmaster dressed casually in chinos and
a polo shirt welcomed them inside. He thought Susie
looked very nice in her yellow flowered summer dress
with cream tights, cream handbag and shoes. Toby looked
nervous in a t-shirt and shorts.

When they were shown into the sitting room Susie was
surprised to see Mrs. Smith there and a man she had seen
once before but wasn't familiar with.

'Susie, you already know Mrs. Smith,' said the
headmaster by way of introductions, 'and this is Peter
Gaydon, our music master. I owe Peter a favour which is
why I asked you to bring young Toby.'

Toby groaned inwardly when he saw Mr. Gaydon smiling at
him. Everyone at the school had nicknamed him Gaydar
Gaydon because of his predilection for young boys. His
mother looked a little confused but said nothing.

'Peter, why don't you take Toby up to one of the spare
rooms while we chat to his mother?' said Adam.

As Toby was led away by the teacher Susie tried to stand
and said, 'Wait... wha...' Mrs. Smith held her back and
told her not to worry as they would be going upstairs
soon. She placed her hand on Susie's thigh and moved her
hand under the sundress and found the tops of her
stockings and her suspender clasp.

'Oh, I think Ms Johnson is expecting more than tea
Headmaster by the underwear she has on!' Stated Cheryl

'Well then,' said Adam. 'Let's not disappoint her.' They
took her by the hand and led her upstairs to the
headmaster's bedroom.

In the spare room Toby was pleading with his music
teacher not to undress him.

'Oh come on Toby. We both know what you like,' said Mr.

'Bu-but,' stammered Toby as his shorts were removed and
placed on a chair next to his shirt on the bedside
chair. Standing naked in just his trainers he tried to
cover his penis which for some reason that baffled him
was getting hard. Mr. Gaydon removed his trainers and
then took away Toby's hands so he could get a better
look at the young boy's cock. 'Mmmm, that looks nice,'
he said.

He pushed Toby down onto the bed then joined him and
started to slowly wank the boy. Toby could only moan but
gasped as the teacher took his now hard cock into his
mouth. Toby had never had a man suck his cock before but
Mr. Gaydon was doing such a good job he could only lay
back with his eyes closed and enjoy the sensation.

Soon he could feel his loins stir and he knew he was
about to cum.

'S-si-sir, I-I'm going to...' was all he could say
before he unleashed the contents of his balls into his
teachers mouth and straight down his throat. Mr. Gaydon
kept sucking until there was nothing left in the boy.

'That was yummy Tony, thank you,' he said. Toby lay back
exhausted after his enormous orgasm and could see Mr.
Gaydon removing his clothes.

Climbing naked onto the bed he guided Toby's head down
to his crotch.

'Your turn now,' was all he said as he guided the boy's
mouth onto his straining cock. 'Mmmm, good boy.'

After a few minutes of being pleasured by Toby the
teacher got him to lie down on his back. Taking a bottle
of gel from the bedside table he squirted a dollop on
his finger and rubbed it around the boy's hole before
sliding it in deep. Toby groaned. He groaned louder when
his teacher inserted two finger and was bucking his hips
when he had three fingers inside him fucking his arse.

Mr. Gaydon lubed up his cock, spread Toby's legs and
knelt between them rubbing his cock around Toby's hole.
Toby knew what was coming but he still moaned when the
head of his teachers cock penetrated him. Mr. Gaydon
inched his hard cock slowly into Toby's arse until his
balls were touching the boy's buttocks. He then slowly
began to fuck him.

After a few minutes he pulled out and got Toby on his
hands and knees before sliding his cock back into him.
This time he fucked Toby hard and fast. He reached round
and found the young boy's hard cock just as Cheryl had
said. He wanked it as hard and fast as he fucked his
hole, both of them moaning at the sensation.

He could feel Toby's cock expand so he let go and
grasped his hips to finish off inside him. Toby could
tell that his teacher was going to cum inside him and
the thought pushed him over the edge and he came without
being touched just as Mr. Gaydon filled his arse with
his spunk.

In the Headmaster's bedroom Susie had been slowly
undressed by Mrs. Smith until we was standing in her
cream suspender belt and cream stockings. She was f***ed
on her back on the bed as Mrs. Smith pushed her face
between the young woman's thighs and began to lick her
pussy as Adam undressed.

'Your turn.' said Mrs. Smith when Adam was naked. He
crawled onto the bed and started to kiss Susie whilst
playing with her nipples and caressing her breasts. When
he began to stroke her clitoris she began to moan and
move her hips. She had her eyes closed as she was being
pleasured and didn't see Mrs. Smith strip to her black
satin girdle and stockings or strap her black eight inch
fake cock to her waist.

She climbed onto the bed as the headmaster stopped
kissing and playing with her now wet pussy. 'I think
she's ready for you now Mrs. Smith,' said the
headmaster. When Susie saw the strap-on cock she gasped.

'Be a good girl and get on your hands and knees will
you? She asked Susie, who obeyed.

Adam sat with his back to the headboard and guided
Susie's mouth onto his throbbing cock just as Mrs.
Smith's rubber cock slipped easily in to her soaking
pussy causing her to moan around the headmaster's.

The headmaster was holding Susie's head and fucking her
face as Mrs. Smith was pounding away at her pussy.
Without any warning the headmaster gave out a grunt and
filled her mouth with his cum which triggered her own
orgasm. Mrs. Smith pulled out and unstrapped the cock.
She lay down and told Susie to pleasure her. By the time
Mrs. Smith had cum the headmaster was rock hard again.

Cheryl got up, strapped on the cock and laid down on the
bed again. 'Come on Susie, come and ride me!' she said.
Susie hesitated so the headmaster took her by the arm
and told her to straddle Mrs. Smith, which she did. She
moaned as the cock easily slipped into her pussy.

Cheryl put her arms around Cheryl's neck and pulled her
down to kiss her passionately on the lips, her tongue
pushing into the younger woman's mouth. Susie groaned as
Cheryl moved the cock slowly in and out of her pussy.
She felt the bed dip as the headmaster came up behind
her. With Mrs. Smith holding her in place Adam was able
to rub his hard cock around her little arsehole. A
warbled sound emitted from Susie's mouth as she knew
what was coming next.

She didn't have to wait long for the headmaster to slide
his cock deep into her bum hole. Between them they both
fucked Susie to three orgasms before Adam shot his load
deep into her bowels.

All three collapsed on the bed and were resting when
they heard a door close and someone walk along the hall
and down the stairs.

'Sounds as if Peter has finished with Toby,' Mrs. Smith
said. 'I hope he's got at least one good fuck left in
him as I've not had any cock so far,' she commented,
unfastening the strap-on and walking out the door to the
room Toby was in.

The headmaster fucked Susie for the rest of the
afternoon and Mrs. Smith took her urges out on Toby.

As they drove home Susie asked Toby if he was okay. Toby
nodded but then said he never wanted to go back to the
headmasters house ever again and that he just wanted his

'Of course,' said Susie, knowing damn well she didn't
mean it.
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