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Araç & Gereç


Interior Affair

I knocked at the door, despite it being slightly ajar and she said “come in”. I opened it and entered holding the house sketches tightly against my chest to keep my dress straps from falling off too much, and sat in front of her a second after she invited me to.

“I’m Veronik, we spoke on the phone” I said excitedly, and looked at her eyes smiling. “I brought everything for you to look at “ I stooped as I suddenly felt a warm chill down my spine, a physical oxymoron triggering a very vivid recollection in my mind of her naked body, wet lips and soft moans …could swear I remembered her taste .

And at this moment , she looked so intriguingly erotic to me with her clothes on , with her jacket so buttoned up , her dark auburn hair against the fair delicious skin of her neck , leading to just an inch hint of a cleavage seen from her blouse . I could sense her sexy fantasies oozing from and through every pore and every nerve cell, as I was certain she could sense mine. We were surrounded by loud intense wanting in dead silence.

I stopped talking and waited for her to speak, feeling how thin the fabric of my dress is, and how dangerously it slides in between my warm thighs and brushing against my damp panties, I crossed my legs.

“Nice to meet you”, she said after a long pause and offered me, with not as much self-command as she would have hoped for, her regular friendly smile , the one I imagined her offering to all her clients.

I was displeased and said warmly , accentuating my dialect and familiar to her accent , the one I let slip on only very intimate occasions “have we met before? ”, rolling my R and stressing the vowels.

She parted her lips and gave me a deep inquisitive almost pleading look , and said carefully : “I don’t think we have” and then added almost in a whisper “Or I would have remembered”.

I decided to keep with her scrupulous professionalism and did not press on the subject; instead I pressed my thighs tighter and moved back with my chair making sure she got a better look at my legs. Her gaze followed and I uncrossed my legs again, switching legs slow enough for her to get a glimpse at my panties if she was attentive enough, and she was. When she brought her eyes back at me I said : “Oh , you must remind me of someone then”.

We sat there in silence again , and finally she offered me a glass of water which I gladly accepted , watching her stand up and walk towards the table and fill me a glass of water, I noticed how tight her black pants were , and how perfectly they outlined her panty line . She came closer and I could see she was being comfortable with me watching her, she liked the effect she had on me. “Such a hot day, drains all the liquids off you” she said flirtatiously, with half a wink .

“Thank you , I’m parched” . I wrapped my fingers around the glass lightly touching her hand , letting my fingertips caress the back of her hand , it took her a few seconds to let go of the glass and when she did she quickly sat back at her chair in front of me , watching me drink with profound interest .

I took my time for her, wanting her to remember my lips again and seeing them wet might trigger her memory faster, my eyes were burning with arousal as I was sticking my lips to the glass’ edge, my lipstick was extra juicy and deep red leaving a full kiss mark on the glass. She took a deeper breath and moved closer, lowering her chest to the table.

I put the glass on the table and said “ these are the hose sketches , I wanted to give you an idea of what it looks like before you saw the actual house, I know you will do a great job, because we share similar tastes “ I said and watched her seductively.

“Thank you “ she said in an unexpectedly sultry tone, “I would love to get to know your taste better”

“Anytime” I said.

(to be continued)
  • Görüntülenme: 414
  • Tarih : 2015-12-21 00:28:29


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