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More cocks...

Sucking More Cocks... I've been sucking cocks for some years now. I started by going to an adult bookstore and sucking a guy through a gloryhole. That developed into more gloryhole sucking and eventually sucking guys right out in front of everybody at the bookstores.
I suppose I've sucked maybe 50 guys so far. It's amazing how all the cocks are different. Each one has a different shape or a different head...The balls hang differently...It's hot!
Last Sat. night I was looking at cocks on the internet and after a few hours of that, I couldn't stand it any more and at midnight I went out to a local ABS trying to find some real dick to suck.
Man, did I find some cock!
The first guy was really small so I just jerked him off through the gloryhole. He was moaning and saying stuff. He was into it! I jerked him til he came and man, did he come! Rope after rope shot out of that little dick. I had it all over my hand and spent maybe 5 mins. stroking his dick with his come all over my hand and his dick. Loved the slimey feeling of his come on my hand!
The next guy was an uncut guy with a nice dick. He put his cock through and I put a condom on it and started sucking away. After maybe 5 mins. he came and zipped up and left.
I left the booth for about 10 mins. to rest and see what guys were walking around. There were some really busted guys and a few who looked clean and like they might have nice cocks.
I saw one guy by a booth and went into the one next door. A few mins. later the door closed on that booth and looking through the hole, I could see it was that guy. He almost immediately unzipped and pulled out a really nice cock! I was beside myself with excitement!
He slid it through the hole and, like the last one, I put a condom on it and started sucking him. He had a fairly long dick with a nicely defined head, dark trimmed pubes and somewhat dark skin. At first I thought he may have been black but as I saw more of him, realized that he was of Italian or maybe middle eastern descent.
Eventually he tired of stooping down (the holes are really low there) so I asked if he wanted to come in with me. He did and I went right to my knees and resumed sucking him off.
He had really nice, shaved balls so I divided my time between his dick and his balls. He said it takes him a long time to cum. I just said that that would give me more time to suck his dick...Well, as it turned out, it didn't take him a long time to cum. I started sucking his balls and he was really getting off. He jerked himself while I sucked his balls and before long, he was starting to cum. Just as I figured he was cumming, I switched to sucking his dick...His cock stiffened even more and he shot off...HOT!
He zipped up and left and another guy entered the booth...
This new guy unzipped and opened his jeans and he had a pair of bikini briefs on that showed what looked like a pretty good sized cock. He pulled the briefs down and sure enough, there was a long, flaccid cock hanging there and a nice set of low hanging balls. I couldn't believe my luck...A big swinging dick!
He finally pushed it through the hole and I was able to get a good look. This thing was gorgeous. Nicely shaped head and long and thick! It was still getting hard after he pushed it through. I took it and handled it and marveled at how beautiful it was...
I wanted that thing in my mouth! I don't normally do this but I took it in my mouth bareback just to get it wet. It was all I could do not to keep sucking it bareback! It was such a nice cock!
It wasn't long before it was hard and growing even bigger. Finally getting thick and long, I put the condom on and started sucking with a passion! I'd work on the head for a while then jam the entire thing all the way down my throat to the pubes. That felt so-o-o-o good! Pubes against my nose and that gorgeous cock all the way down my throat!
I kept blowing him until I felt his cock getting really hard. I knew he was going to cum. I pushed his dick way down my throat and he started fucking my mouth. I knew he was about to shoot! Shoot he did and I spent a few minutes sucking and licking the head. I could feel the cum inside the condom sliding across the head of his dick. I was just imagining how that would feel if there was no condom!
Well, after a time he pulled back and started to zip up so I went outside the booth to wait for him to come out which he finally did.
I thanked him for letting me blow him and struck up a conversation. Come to find out he was married and his wife wouldn't suck his dick any more. That's all I needed to hear! I offered to exchange numbers and suck his cock whenever he wanted and he agreed. We exchanged and now all I can think about is his dick! Can't wait to go down on him again! Hopefully that'll be soon!
So that was my Sat. night looking at cocks on the net and sucking cocks at the ABS...
  • Görüntülenme: 457
  • Tarih : 2015-12-23 21:24:19


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