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Ara & Gere


20 Years of Flirting with my s****r-in-Law pays of

I met my wife, Teresa, when I was in high school. She was only 14 at the time and being 17 myself, we were limited in when we could go out. I could see her on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. While on a picnic a week before her 15th birthday, we were out in a field at the river alone. Lying on a blanket we were making out, she was letting me play with her tits when she asked if it would be ok to suck my dick. Never having had that experience I naturally said yes and it was the best thing that had ever happened to my cock. It was several weeks more until she let me fuck her but that is a different story.
As time when on, we got married and her dick sucking skills got better. She eventually learned how to swallow cum without gagging, and playing with it in her mouth, letting it run down my shaft and licking it up and in general, she became a very good, dirty, slutty, cock sucker and could make a sloppy mess and clean it up while I was driving her home from a movie.
In my early 40’s the ED problem reared it’s ugly head and although I could get a hard-on, it would only last a couple of minutes; unless, we were watching some porn but even then a hard-on would only last about 5 minutes. Together we visited my doctor and he explained that this is normal in some men and at my age it was rare but it could happen. He suggested a new pill that was out called Viagra. It was not covered by my insurance and was expensive so I told him that we’d keep trying other things.
There would be about 2 or 3 months we’d go without fucking, or if we did fuck I could never finish. She stopped sucking me as well because it just would not last. The bitch!
Her f****y would come to visit infrequently. Her younger s****r, Donna, was married to a medical professional that could get his hands on blister packs of certain medications. Donna and I liked to flirt with one another although it never went past an occasional kiss. No touching, no sex, just an occasional kiss and then it was a closed mouth kiss.
Once about 15 years earlier she and I got into a bitter argument. She was in my house and calling me everything but human. I pulled her out of my home and standing on the front porch she continued to berate me and then suddenly she slapped the holy shit out of me. I got pissed! She tried slapping me again and I grabbed her wrist and held tight and had to grab the other wrist. She started pulling and then kicking at my balls and then she tried to bite my hands. I pulled her close to me so her knees would be less effective all while telling her to calm down. I had hold of her wrists up against her breasts. She stopped squirming and just stood there. This is when I realized my cock was hard and pressing against her body. She pushed away but I think the words bitch and cunt and whore came out but not sure in what order. She got quiet as did I. I looked down at my cock that was pushing out against the running shorts I had on. When I looked back up at her she was looking at my cock. When she looked up our eyes met. She took a step back and I let go of her wrists. She smiled and said “you like this don’t you?” I said “I guess I do.” She stepped back a couple of steps and turned around to walk off. She turned back to me and said “we better stop now before one of us gets hurt”. I said “ok”. She was walking away and turned and was smiling and said “I liked it too.” It took a few years but at Christmas one year I was in the living room with her, alone, and I asked if she wanted to pick up where we left off with the fight. She looked over at me and said, “no, but we can kiss and make up if you want to”. I got up and walked over to where she was sitting, bent over and she tongue kissed me.
One Friday I came home from work and I saw Donna’s car in our driveway. I went into the house and she was sitting at the table while Teresa was cooking dinner. We spoke to one another and she stood and I hugged her and we kissed on the cheek. I asked if she was ready to finish the argument and she just smiled and said that she had forgotten why we were arguing. She was plaing with my 2 year old daughter. My wife told me that my teen son needed to be taken to a friends house to spend the night.
I went to my bedroom and changed. When I went back to the kitchen my wife was getting dinner on the table and Donna was helping. I played with my daughter and my son asked me to take him his friends house after dinner. While we ate I kicked Donna’s leg under the table. She did the same to me and we teased one another all during dinner. When I got ready to take my son to his friends house, Donna asked if there was a d**g store on the way. She wanted to go get something and she went with us. After we dropped off my son, we went into the store and I stopped at the condoms and asked Donna what kind I needed to get. She mostly looked pissed and told me that she didn’t use them because she didn’t like anything between her and her man.
On the way back home she opened her purse and took out two index card things and handed them to me. She said “s****rs talk so my husband had more of these than he need so here you go, you could use these.” I asked what they were and she told me that they were sample packets of Viagra. She said her husband get’s them and he don’t really need them. My only comment was that “if I were married to you, I wouln’t need them either”. That only built up her ego. I popped one out of the packet and put it in my mouth and took the soda she was drinking to wash it down. She told me that it may wear off before you can take advantage of it. I asked how I would know it was working and she just smiled and said “oh, I think you’ll know.”
I pulled into our subdivision and stopped short of our house. She looked at me like she was a little scared but said “why did you stop?” I told her that we have been flirting with one another for a couple dozen years and we never did anything but kiss. She asked if I wanted a kiss and I told her yes. I leaned over and we shared a long tongue-wrestling kiss. I had my hand on the back of her neck and in the middle of the kiss I dropped it down to cup her right tit. She didn’t move but finished the kiss. When I pulled back she asked if I were having fun. I told her yes. She said, “it’s time to let go and get home before my s****r suspects something because you know she is jealous of me.” We went home and she and my wife sat and started talking while I took my daughter to her room and played with her.
It was about 8pm when they finally came to the room and we all sat on the floor and played for a while. I excused myself and went to our den and started channel surfing. Donna came into the room about 10 minutes later, sat next to me, and asked me if the pill was working yet. I didn’t feel any different so I told her the pills were defective. She asked me to find a good movie to watch after my daughter was put to bed. We were sitting shoulder to shoulder. I started surfing the channels when she put her hand on my leg and squeezed to start tickling me. I pretended it didn’t bother me but it did. I felt my cock spring to life. I didn’t say anything. I dropped the remote and we wrestled a few seconds in total silence that ended with my arms around her. We kissed again and I told her “you know I want you don’t you?” She got up and said “you can’t have me and you know it, besides, you’re married to my s****r and I’m not going to do that to her”. I called her a tease. She walked out and said that teasing me was her job.
I felt of my cock through my pants. It was bone hard. I got up and pulled my dirty movie out of it’s hidey-hole and stuck it in the VCR and turned it on. I checked to make sure she wasn’t anywhere near. When the movie came on it was where a woman was sucking a guys cock. I remember stopping the movie at this point about a month ago after jacking myself off. Teresa had went to the store and I felt the urge to cum so I put the movie in and in a matter of minutes I had jacked myself off onto a wad of paper towels. I looked down the hallway and no one was there. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and watched the movie and was standing there jacking myself. I stopped and admired my cock. It was so damn hard and the head was so full and the crown around the head was very prominent and so fucking purple. That damn pill really worked. I put my cock away and sat down. About 10 minutes later I heard someone coming toward the den so I switch channels. Donna came into the room. She said, “here I am again, just to aggravate you.” I said ok, sit down and do your thing.
She sat next to me again and noticed the buldge in my pants. She said “well, the pill worked” I told her it did. She pulled the remote out of my hands and said she would find us a movie. She surfed a few channels and I began to cringe. She hit the VCR button and there was the movie playing. We both watched a few seconds of it and she looked at me and said “whats this? “ I was embarrassed. I sat there. We both watched a good looking slut fucking a guy while giving another guy a blow job. The guy the video slut was sucking had started cumming and made a mess on her face. Donna looked over at me and said, “did I interrupt anything?”. I told her no that I had forgotten the movie was in the VCR. She just looked at me and said “right”. She asked if I liked these movies and I told her they have their place. We watched another minute or two and my dick was so damn hard. Donna had looked at it a few times while watching the movie with me. She said “this shit get’s old after a while, cause it’s the same thing over and over.” She stood up and said, “did you know that cum don’t taste that good?” I told her “no, I’ve never tasted cum and don’t plan to.” She laughed and said, “clean up your mess when you’re finished!”
I turned the TV off, pulled the tape from the VCR and re-hid the tape. She watched me and said, “so that’s where you have your women hid from Teresa?” I told her that we used the tape sometimes to help me. Donna then said, “well tonight you don’t need that movie do you?” as she motioned toward my cock with her eyes. I stood there with my dick straining my pants and said “what do you think?” she was smiling and said “haven’t I seen you like that once before about 15 years ago?” I laughed and said “yep, you ready to finish?” She said “I think we’ve kissed and made up a few times.”
We both went into my daughers room and my wife was having a tea party. We all sat at the table and drank imaginary tea and talked about Barbie dolls and Ken dolls. After a while I excused myself and said I wanted to go get ready for bed…which my wife knew meant that I was going to take a shower. Donna asked her s****r if she wanted some wine because she was going to get herself a glass. My wife made a comment about getting our daughter ready for bed in a few minutes. Donna and I walked down the stairs together talking about her husband.
She went toward the kitchen and I went toward my bedroom. I was admiring myself in the mirror when I took my clothes off and looked at my cock sideways and frontways. It had been a long time since I had admired such a nice, big, hard cock on myself
I took a shower. When I finished I went to the stairway and I could hear my wife and Donna getting my daughter ready for her bath. That means she would be there another 20 minutes or so. I went to the kitchen to get a drink and stood by the sink looking through our mail. Donna came in and said “so, you’re all clean now?” I said “Yep, ready for you.” She asked me “what for?” I told her that it felt good to kiss her and that every time we kissed my cock responded to the kiss like it is now and that I didn’t need a pill. She told me “you need to take care of that thing your legs with my s****r, not me.” I said “ok, but I’ve wanted to play with you for many years”. She just laughed and said she was going back upstairs to check on my wife and daughter.
I went back into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I had my sweat pants on. A minute later Donna came into the bathroom and said, “ok, how you want to do this? We’ve been flirting for so damn long and seeing that bulge in your pants has done something to me; so, while my bitch-s****r is busy upstairs I think we should finally do this.” I got kinda weak but I stopped brushing my teeth and turned toward her. I pulled her close to me and kissed her long and deep. She took the kiss and kissed me back and wrapped her arms around my neck. While I had one hand around her waist I began pulling my pants down and noticed that she was eager to help. When my cock sprang out of the sweats, she held it and said “finally, I get to touch you.”
I asked her to turn around so I could take her from behind. She said “let’s go a little slower” and she looked me in the eye and said, “listen for my s****r.”
She told me to stand against my sink and I did. My cock was at full mast and leaking pre-cum. She got a couple of towels and put them on the floor in front of me and smiled and said, “knee pads”. She dropped to her knees and looked at my cock. She put her left hand on my right leg and wrapped her right hand around the base of my rigid cock and ever so slowly she held tight and pulled up toward the head. There was a thick stream of clear pre-cum drain from the tip of my cock. It started running down my cock head and as she pulled up to the head with her hand it pooled around her fist and began running down her arm. She let go and did the same thing again and another steady stream ran from my cock onto her arm. She used her other hand to hold my cock and wiped the pre-cum that had pooled around her fist and down her arm back onto my cock shaft. She used her thumb and two fingers to milk the next few thick drops out. This time she just raised my cock up and let it run down the bottom of my head where she captured it with her hand and began massaging my shaft and head with all the pre-cum that she drained from me. Oh my god did that massage of squeezing and turning and light touching while she carefully slid her hand up and down and around the shaft. She massaged the head in the same fashion and I know more pre-cum oozed out. She again milked another drop or two and this time she stuck out her tongue and caught it on the tip. She looked up and me, watched my eyes and swirled her pre-cum coated tongue around my purple, glistening head, kissed the tip of my cock and then swallowed the clear mess on her tongue.
She used the tip of her tongue to flirt with the opening where the pre-cum had just oozed out and milked another few drops. This time she swirled those drops around the head of my already wet cock head. She used her tongue to feel of the ridge and to tease the underside of my head. In all, about 30 seconds had passed since she had dropped to her knees. I was so tense.
She kept her hand tight around the shaft but down at the base holding my cock still while her tongue swirled the head. Then she opened her mouth wide and I watched as she made my head disappear and her lips tightened just around the crown of the head. I kept feeling her tongue on the bottom of the head and as if it were trying to open the little opening so her tongue could French kiss it. She pulled her lips across the cock ridge and to the opening. She began sliding her lips back and forth just to the cock ridge and back. She did this several times. Then she pushed her mouth further down my shaft until her lips touched her fist wrapped tight around my shaft. I could feel her tongue working on the bottom of my cock. This is when I realized that there was NO TEETH! Just tight lips. She pulled her lips tightly back to the head and back down the shaft to her fist again. She was going slow and I was enjoying it. She mouth stroked me about 10 times like this, real slow. Then when her lips made contact with her fist they both came to the head at the same time. She was mouth fucking and jacking me at the same time. I guess that’s called a mouth jack? She did this for about 15 seconds real slow and then she did it very fast for about 5 seconds and stopped and took a breath. She was watching me the whole time. While she took a breath, she said “where’s Teresa?” I told her she was still upstairs.
She repositioned her knees and then this time she took my cock with no hands and slowly took it all into her mouth. Almost to my groin I felt that my cock head had to be in her throat. She stopped and opened wider and stuck her tongue out. I felt her tongue working at the base of my cock and I felt my head slide into her throat. She used her tongue on the base of my cock. She wiggled her head a little and I could feel her tight throat on my dick head. She slowly pulled half way off and went deep again. She mouth fucked me like this for another 20 or so strokes and while I was in her throat, I saw her take a breath of air through her nose and she was watching me the whole time. I told her that this was the best blow job I had ever gotten in my life. She pulled me out of her throat and played with the head with her tongue. She pulled me out of her mouth and said “you better cum before your wife comes down here.
I told her to just keep doing what she was doing that I was almost there.
She went back to mouth fucking. She was going down and wrapping her tongue around my shaft and pulling some skin with her tongue and making a slurping noise. She did this real fast for about 10 or 12 strokes. She was slurping and swirling her tongue around the head. Every few seconds she would jack me and then she would mouth fuck me a few strokes. After about 30 more seconds I felt my cock stiffen even more and that wonderful feeling of euphoria of getting ready to cum. I said “oh my god”. Her pace didn’t change. On a out stroke with her tongue swirling my cock head the first spasm happened. I noticed that she was looking at my cock but when she felt me tense up she looked up at me with a little smile. Her lips were tight around my cock crown and with her tongue swirling around my cock head that first load shot into her mouth. She immediately went down and got me in her throat. The second load when straight to her stomach and then the third. When she pulled her lips and tongue back to the head I shot the fourth time and she gagged and pulled me out of her mouth and coughed up cum all over my cock and legs. Without missing a stroke she had her hand on the shaft and she stroked out the fifth load onto her face. She caught her breath and she when back to sucking on my cock. I could feel her tongue working the head. This is when I heard her say “mmmmm” while she was milking me with her hand. She pulled me out of her mouth and took a few breaths and looked up at me and let out a small laugh. She milked me and licked up and down the shaft. She took my cock in her right hand and rubbed it onto her face. I watched as the cum slid around on her cheeks and nose. I was still hard and she miled the last few drops of cum dropped onto her tongue. She stood up quickly, reached for my head and pulled my face to hers and French kissed me with my cum all over her lips and face. She rubbed her face all over mine. I could smell 2 months of spunk on her face and taste it in her breath and now it was on my face as well.
She let go of me, backed away and said “your cum is kinda thick”. Then she took a step back and said, now you’ve tasted cum, it isn’t that bad is it?” I told her that I would rather taste pussy. She turned while saying, you’re going to sl**p good tonight.
She walked out of the bathroom. I took another quick shower. Her slobber-dribble was obvious on the floor so I cleaned that up. I got dressed again. I went to the kitchen where she had finished washing her face. She looked at me and started laughing. She said “well, it took about 20 years but all that flirting paid off for you didn’t it?” I told her “yes, but now I want to fuck you.” She said, “I’m leaving in two days. Get rid of your wife for a while and we’ll see what we can do.”
I went upstairs and my wife asked me where her s****r was and what was going on. I looked at her and said I just finished my bath. Then my wife got up and found her s****r in the den and they sat and talke while they dressed my daughter for bed. I went into the den and looked over at Donna thinking, that mouth just sucked a month of cum from my balls. Donna asked where I had been. I told her I took a long shower.
I didn’t fuck my wife that night because her s****r had thoroughly satisfied me. The next morning we sat at the table and had breakfast. There were a few comments back and forth between Donna and me about the juice being kinda thick. She took a drink and pretended to gag and started laughing. Everyone laughed. The bitch knew she was teasing me so I figured I’d get some pussy that day.
Right before lunch I asked my wife to go to McDonalds to get us all lunch. She agreed and her s****r said she would go too. My heart sank. Then I asked about something us cooking on the grill later in the day. My wife volunteered to go to the store first and do some quick shopping. This is when Donna said that she would just stay at the house and finish washing her clothes and she would take care of my daugher. YEAH!
I went and took another Viagra. I helped put a grocery list together that took about 20 minutes. About 10 minutes later I could feel my face flushing, the pill was taking effect. My wife left for the store. Donna was playing with my daugher. I walked into the room where they were playing and announced that I was beginning to feel the effects of the pill. She looked at me and said “really?” and just sat on the floor. I was getting hard.
We put a movie on in the living room for my daughter to watch. I pulled Donna up from the floor and said “now, where did we leave off last night?” she said “what are you talking about?” I pulled her out of the living room so my daughter would not see me and I started kissing her and playing with her tits. She pushed me away after a few seconds and said she didn’t want to do this. I’m like…what? I called her a tease. She just laughed and said that it was her job to tease me and thenasked if the cartoon would keep my daughter entertained. I said yes.
She said “ok, but, you do what I tell you and I don’t ass fuck.” Sounds great I said. We went into the bedroom and she stood there next to the bed and said “pleasure me”. I wrapped my arms around her waist and started kissing her. When she started kissing me back I unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her arms and unsnapped her bra and took it off. She had DDD cup tits, very full and still firm. I bent over and licked the nipples and then around the areola and then began kissing them all over. My cock was hard as a fucking rock.
I pushed her to the bed and pulled her short pants off and then her panties. She was soaking wet. I asked “when was the last time you fucked?” she said “about 3 weeks ago”. She positioned herself on the bed and said “is this where my bitch s****r sl**ps?” I told her it was.
I started kissing her lips and then working around her face with little kisses at the corner of her lips and then to the nose and across the eyelids and around her forehead. I worked my way to her ears and down her neck and around her chin. I then kissed across her shoulder and over to her breasts. I took my time and kissed and licked all around her titties. Every once in a while I would take a nipple and just rub my lips against it and press inward with my tongue.
I worked my kissing down to her belly button and then went to her pussy. I used my tongue on her clit and was between her legs. She was so wet her juices were running out and down her ass. I used my tongue to probe inside her pussy and then licking up and down each pussy lip. I’d move between her pussy lips to her clit and flick her clit a few times. I was watching her. I picked up her legs and bent them back to her chest fully exposing her pussy and ass to me. I tongue fucked her pussy for a few seconds and then I licked her ass. This is when she began moaning. I kept licking around her ass while my nose was inside her pussy and my head movements would cause my nose to rub against her clit. I turned her over onto her belly and spread her legs and started tongue fucking her ass. She was moaning her approval and squirming. I licked and tongue fucked her ass about 10 minutes and then turned her onto her back again and then kept licking her pussy lips and playing with her clit. She had both hands on my hair and was moving my head, controlling me and then she got tense. She let out a low moan . I pressing my tongue against her clit and the moan became a squeal and then a scream.
I looked up at her and this is when I noticed my daughter standing next to the bed. I was a little surprise and told her that I was helping Aunt Donna find something that she dropped. I took her back to the living room and then I went back to the bedroom to take care of my s****r-in-law.
She was laying on her back and was sweating. She said “you better fuck me better than you have ever fucked that fat s****r of mine.” I asked if I could suck some more and she said I could. I went to the clit and pressed on the clit-hood with my tongue and then back to up and down the lips. Probing more to get fresh juice and then side to side across the lips and back to the clit. I did this for about 10 minutes until she grabbed my hair again and pulled me hard against her pussy. I pressed my tongue on her clit and didn’t move. She gyrated her hips and rubbed her soaking wet pussy against my face and began to moan until she let out another less shrill scream. She pushed me away and said “wait, don’t touch me right now” I pulled back. I could feel her juices dripping off my chin. She looked at me and started smiling and said “your face is wet.” I raised up and started kissing her belly button and she said “kiss me” I look up and she was pulling me to her face. We kissed long deep. She rubbed her face all over mine and said, isn’t it fun to rub your juices on our faces?
I lay next to her, sweating. She raised up and started giving me a blowjob. Again she got me in her throat and wiggled her head. Damn that felt good. Then she started mouth fucking my dick. She pulled me out of her mouth to take a breath and said “you married the wrong s****r! The reason you can’t keep it up with her is that she don’t know how to fuck”. She had my cock in her hand and was looking at me over the top of my cock. She said “I know how to fuck a dick like this, let me show you.” She slid up my legs and straddled me without sliding my cock into her. My cock was in-between her pussy lips where my tongue was just a few minutes earlier. She slid back and forth with my dick in between her pussy lips. She said “I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I was 12 years old. You have no idea how many times I’ve played with my pussy thinking about you.” She slid up my cock until it slipped into her warm, wet pussy and then she slid back and sat up on me. I told her “damn, you are so fucking hot, you’re right, I married the wrong s****r.” She started working her hips back and forth and she was putting some action into it. She said “we can fix that, you divorce your bitch and I’ll divorce my bastard and we’ll live together and fuck every night” I smiled at her and said “lets talk about it afterwhile. She’d move fast then slow down and then stop and sit on me and once she said “I want to feel my s****rs husbands dick throb inside my pussy.” She sat on top of me motionless for a while. I cupped her left tit with my right hand and watched it bulge as I squeezed the ample handful mound of titty flesh. I kept my left hand on her hip, helping push and pull just enough so that I would not slip out. I watched her face. It went from a devilish grin to an open mouth a few times. Once she grabbed my right hand that was kneading her breast and told me to squeeze harder. I watched her squeeze her right breast and saw her fingernails dig into the flesh. I tried to do the same with my hand. She reached down with her right hand and played with her clit and this is when she leaned her head back, arched her back and I heard a small moan. She looked back and me, smiled and moaned again, throwing her head back and this time she let out a scream. I realized I was meeting her thrusts and her scream. I felt that urge in my groin and I knew I was getting ready to cum. I did. The tip of my cock was rubbing against the bottom of her pussy and the sensation was almost too much to take. When I started cumming, it almost stung but I could feel my warm cum mixing around inside her warm, tight pussy. We slowed our pace almost immediately. She was gently gyrating her hips while I was thrusting a couple of inches, back and forth.
My daughter was in the room with us and seemed puzzled, naturally so. I asked her what he wanted. She was concerned about Aunt Donna and why she screamed. I noticed that Aunt Donna never made any move to cover herself. She put both hands on my stomach as if to push away but instead just pushed herself up a little to give the wetness between us a little air. She looked down at my her niece and said “It’s ok darling, I just tripped and fell on the floor, I’m ok now cause your daddy helped me get up.” I thought wow, what a lie and what a story. she seemed pacified. I told her to go back into the living room and watch the cartoon cause I’d be in there in a few minutes and she needed to tell me what was going on. She turned and walked back out.
Donna sat on top of me, both of us continuing to move ever so slightly. We talked about the most oddest things. She asked about where we might go on vacation next year and we talked about Disney World for a few minutes and It’s a Small World and Space Mountain.
She continued to sit on top me, and the two of us slowly moving our hips. My cock never fell out of her pussy. She had sat there for about 10 minutes. She finally said, “You’ve made a fucking mess in your bed. There’s cum all over the sheets. What if my s****r sees it?” She then started smiling and she slapped the fuck out of me. I mean she left her hand print on the side of my face. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “I owe you that from 15 years ago!” I could feel my dick getting hard again. She could too because she raised her hips and adjusted so that it could slid into her easier. I said “Get on your back bitch, it’s time you got fucked by someone that has wanted your pussy for way too long.” She slapped me again and told me that she’s not a bitch. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her off top of me. She fell on her back on my side of the bed. I looked at the big wet cum spot on the bed where my wife sl**ps. She did too and laughed. I pushed her legs apart and aimed my cock at her pussy and slid in. By now, I was hard as a rock. She adjusted her hips and wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her angles together. She looked up at me with the most cynical grin and commanded “FUCK ME!”
I pulled out and slammed back in as hard as I could. The wet, squishy, slamming sound tuned me on. I did it again and again. I drove myself into her has quickly and as hard as I could. I made it a point to be sure to hit her clit. I looked down at the action and I could see the white, frothy, spent cum collected around the base of my cock. There was the same white frothy cum remnants on the inner lips of her pussy and thighs. Once on the outstroke I pulled out and saw that her ass was covered in creamy thick froth. She said, “you’re not finished until I say you can stop, keep fucking me.” I grinned and pushed my cock back into her. I felt her legs tighten around my waist as if to hold me closer and inside her. I was hitting her as hard as I could. I told her “I’ve wanted to fuck you like this since before you were a teenager. You’ve teased me all my life and now that I’m fucking the tease out of you”. I kept fucking her pussy like it was the last time I’d ever fuck again. My groin was aching and my abs were burning. I realized sweat was pouring off my nose and chin. She was watching my eyes. I watchED her tits bounce with every thrust. She pushed against the headboard of the bed. After about 10 minutes of intense pounding I felt that great feeling come over me. I’m getting ready to cum AGAIN. That only intensified my intent to make this fuck count. She was telling me “hit it, hit it, hit the bottom of that pussy you fucking asshole, hit it harder, you’re not trying hard enough, hit it, tear my pussy apart, hit it…” I felt myself explode. I stopped moving with my cock as deep in her pussy as I could get it. I shot the first load and then the second. She said, “god damn, it feels good when a cock throbs like that and I feel something warm oozing out of my pussy and down my ass…oh god damn you can fuck!”
I just stayed still, not moving and letting each throb of my cock empty a load of cum into her. When I finished cumming I got small immediately and fell out of her pussy. I looked at her pussy and there was cum running out and down her ass. There was a little pool of cum and liquid around her ass cheeks. I noticed that there were splatters of cum on her belly and legs. The area around her ass, on the bed was soaked. I rolled over on my back and just lay there. This is when I noticed my daughter was standing by the bed. She started telling about the cartoon and I honestly didn’t hear a word. I told her that I’d be in tehere in just a minute. She turned and walked away. Donna asked how long we had been fucking. I checked the clock and it had been about 50 minutes. I got out of bed and helped her out. She gathered her clothes and went upstairs. I watched her walk away and saw cum running down her legs in multiple streams. I looked at the bed and knew I had to change the sheets. I changed them quickly and put the wet sheets in the laundry room. I’d do them later because there were so much crap in the laundry room that my wife would never notice. I cleaned my cock.
My wife came home with fast food bags and I got the rest of the items out of the car. While we were eating my daughter tells his mom “Aunt Donna was screaming cause she fell.” Donna and I Iooked at one another and she laughed and made up a story about tripping and me helping her up. We changed the subject.
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